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photographier les yeux fermés rêver les yeux ouverts

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Rêves | Dreams @ Paolo Erbetta Gallery Berlin

Alessio Delfino, “Rêves|Dreams” The Paolo Erbetta Gallery is pleased to present you with the Italian artist Alessio Delfino’s exhibition “Rêves|Dreams.” Delfino was born in Savona, Italy in 1976 and works in Savona and Milan. Delfino devoted himself to photography already in his youth; his great interest in the dark room process led him to delve […]

Rêves | Dreams @ Kips Gallery Seoul

델피노의 2013년 최신 시리즈인 “REVES/DREAMS’ 사진전이 킵스갤러리서울 포토그래피에서 개최됩니다.   ‘꿈은 때때로 우리에게 가장 이루어지기 힘든 욕망을 야기한다…꿈과 욕망의 경계는 종종 흐려지며 이해할 수 없으며 억누를 수 없는 춤으로 합쳐진다.’ 이번 알레시오 델피노의 한국전시회는 작가의 최근 작품인 ‘RÉVES/DREAMS’ 시리즈 중 작가가 특별히 한국전시를 위해서 엄선한  11 점의 작품을 전시하게 되었다. 델피노는 여자의 신체를 사진이라는 매체의 가능성을 […]

rêves | dreams @ kips gallery NYC

PRESS RELEASE Artist:  Alessio Delfino Title: Rêves Date: June 20 – July 10, 2013 Gallery:  Kips Gallery, New York Inauguration:   June 20, 6-8 PM Hours:  Tuesday / Saturday 11 am – 6 pm (tel. gallery +1 (212) 242-4215 or +1 (646) 284-5008 to reserve a viewing) Curator:                   Nicola Davide Angerame For interviews:       Nicola Davide Angerame […]

Tarots @ Galerie Antonio Nardone Brussels

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Rêves – Coullaud&Koulinsky Paris

Alessio’s dreams Can the works that Alessio Delfino presents as an expressive characteristic of his ‘dreams’, through the series of his latest photographs, be related to the oneiric somatic sources, those that Freud calls hypnagogic? The answer is both yes and no based on what the artist states with respect to the ability to memorise, […]