Rêves | Dreams @ Paolo Erbetta Gallery Berlin


Alessio Delfino, “Rêves|Dreams”

The Paolo Erbetta Gallery is pleased to present you with the Italian artist Alessio Delfino’s exhibition “Rêves|Dreams.” Delfino was born in Savona, Italy in 1976 and works in Savona and Milan. Delfino devoted himself to photography already in his youth; his great interest in the dark room process led him to delve into the diverse possible uses of the photographic medium during his chemistry studies. Already from his first works he determined to set his sights on the realization of photo series – thus he expresses his artistic search best without it being synthesized in a single shot. He does not aspire to the “decisive moment” in Henri Cartier-Bresson’s sense. Rather he pursues the quasi-cinematographic depiction of the flow of time through images that seemingly want to evoke time’s inexorable ‘nature,’ irreducible to a single shot.

“Rêves|Dreams,” the title of the photo series on display, tries to express Delfino’s dream: not capturing some rigidness of reality but instead its unending possibilities. He uses photography neither as a tool for true renderings of reality nor for synthesized pictures of time. Rather his photography is a layering of several moments, while sustaining the images of bodies, to replicate the ceaseless movement of life and to merge multiplicative time and space through the superposition of many takes. With much knowledge Delfino develops themes that have interested numerous artists and photographers since the now relatively long ago beginning of photography, from the “pioneer” Muybridge to the cubist avantgarde: the rendering back of images, of the nature of life, and, furthermore, of the dynamics and three-dimensionality of space and time within the two-dimensionality of photography. The photo series “Rêves|Dreams” examines and comingles the categories of space, time, reality, and dream. The images allow parts of the female body to gleam through, showing that Delfino takes interest not in the clarity of details but rather in abstruse, blurred, indeterminate forms – characteristic of the dream. Catching a distinct body posture at the instant it persists no more, he fixes his dream onto cotton paper, which thus helps to hold the ethereal form of the figures that seem as if drawn with colored pencils or pastels. The figures blend with the opaque background to uncertain, undefined hues in order to show a fleeting reality – or better: a dream designed to vanish at the moment the observer averts the gaze. Delfino’s artistic search aims at rendering the plurality and variety of the present, as it were, emphasized by the choice of the naked female body, which also serves to evoke a manifold being of creative nature; this search is only possible at an uncertain place, in a flighty, ethereal, dreamlike dimension.

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