alessio delfino


Femmes d’or

The nude as the glare of the absolute. All I know about the hope I put in love is that only a woman can turn it into reality René Magritte,     In the age of erotic-television winking Alessio Delfino seeks a shelter from contemporary visual obsessions by operating a

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The works that Alessio Delfino proposes to us as an expressive figure of his ‘dreams’, through the series of his latest photographs, can be referred to the scope of the dream somatic sources, those that Freud calls hypnagogical? To some extent yes and no, to want to understand what the

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The divine incarnate, according to Alessio Delfino. by Nicola Davide Angerame For some time, Alessio Delfino has been looking in photography for an aulic response to the conflict, to that polemos that for the Greek thinker Heraclitus represents the ultimate truth, the metaphysical substratum of the universe and life. In

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Des Femmes

Des Femmes 1999-2003 Alessio Delfino is not in the tradition of contemporary photography, which at the end of the modern, seeks the goal of “reproduction of reality”, reducing itself in many cases to a hyperreal aestheticism. For Delfino photography is a means to create images, as was once granted to

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